Kristel van Houte

Project Manager

Leading the Karioi Project on all fronts, from behind her laptop to the top of the mountain, Kristel is a trained marine ecologist passionate about sharing her love for nature. Kristel has taken her experience in biology, conservation and education in Kenya and Samoa to her home in Whaingaroa, where she started A Rocha New Zealand and the Karioi project. Kristel is a keen surfer and active mum who‘s always up for an adventure.


Bexie Towle

Volunteer & advocacy Coordinator

Enthusiastic in the outdoors and a gem in the kitchen, skilled communicator and educator Bexie brings her varied skills and passion for community to the project. When she’s not supporting our volunteers to get trapping up the mountain, she’s teaching yoga, walking her dog or hanging out with the people she loves.


Nic Wylie

Backyard program Coordinator

Nics bright smile can be seen all around town, where she meets locals in their own backyards for the backyard programme. Trapping predators is Nics forte. Nic left Waitakere to settle in Whaingaroa/Raglan a few years ago and has jumped in boots and all. Her creative, nurturing and generous enthusiasm helps keep us on track. When not catching stoats, Nic is an active mum, enthusiastic photographer, and keen tramper.


Sven Orman

Karioi Kids/Rangers Supervisor

People person and educator with a knack for working with wood and kids, Sven does what it takes to get the job done. He recently joined the Karioi education team and his quirky, fun ways make him a favorite with the kids. Sven is a homeschool educator, father and outdoor enthusiast with a long beard.


Annie Lorenzen

Karioi Kids/Rangers Facilator

A people person with a big voice and a big heart. Annie’s outdoor instructor background and occupational therapy experience brings a unique perspective to her educational role. She is the driver behind the Maanaki Ao Earthcare program. A keen paddle boarder, gardener, and energetic mum, Annie loves to get messy on the job.


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